buckingham conservative association

The Constituency

The Buckingham Constituency covers an area from Luffield Abbey in the north to Princes Risborough in the South.

The area is covered by three local authorities, Buckinghamshire County Council- Aylesbury Vale District Council - Wycombe District Council

The Association has elected representatives on all three, to find your local Conservative Councillor visit our councillor page.


The Association                                                                  The Association office is based in Winsow  and has  Branches organised by volunteers in most parts of the Constituency.

The officers of the Association are:                                                                             President: Cllr. Sir Beville Stanier                         Chairman: Clr Clive Harriss                          Dep,Chairman Political: Cllr Warren Whyte         Dep,Chairman Membership: Lawrence Renshell
Treasurer: Richard Withey                                   Agent: Evelyn Joy

Member of Parliament

In May 1997 John Bercow was elected as the Member of Parliament for the Buckingham Constituency. When John was elected Speaker    of the House of Commons, to maintain the impartiality of the Speakers office, he had to resign his party membership. He does however continue to carry out his parliamenarty duties    as a Constituency MP. Resident who need his assistance can contact him at his Constituency Office in Westminster Tel: 0207 219 6346 or by writing to:
The Rt.Hon. John Bercow MP            
Speakers Office,                                                 House of Commons,                              Westminster,                                                    London SW1A 0AA 

European Parliament:                                              

The Buckingham Constiturncy is part of the Southern Region, there are four Conservative members of the European Pariament in this region. We have three Conservative representatives in the Southern Region  Daniel  Hannan MEP -daniel.hannan@ep.europa.eu      Nirj Diva - office@nirjdeva.com                               Richard Ashworth - richard.ashworth@ep.europa.eu